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The Mind Behind Our Organization


Founder and President of Alabama Backs The Blue

Dear Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement Supporters,

Please allow me to introduce myself:

Who Am I? Why do I have such a passion for Law Enforcement?

My husband & father are currently serving as Deputies. My Uncle is a retired Deputy. My Father in Law was Captain Terry McInnis of WPD (RIP). I am retired Military Police.

My passion for Law Enforcement began at the age of 10 years old and since then, I have been involved with Law Enforcement in one form or another. I have also had Police K9 in my home since the age of 10. I have an enormous amount of respect for our Police K9, as they too, risk and sometimes lose their lives for simply doing their job. Just like their counterpart, it takes a special drive and ability to be in Law Enforcement. This is not a career path for just anyone or any dog.

Over the years, I have went on many police ride-alongs with my dad and others. I have assisted with directing traffic at accidents and with license check points. I have attended an Officer Involved Shootings Seminar. I have also assisted in and attended numerous K9 trainings and Events.

As Military Police, I served a year in Mosul, Iraq (2010-2011). Our main mission in Iraq was to train the Iraqi Police to be more proficient with their policing skills in order to prepare them for the transition from Operation Iraqi Freedom to Operation New Dawn. I am thankful for the opportunity that being in the Military afforded me. Many great relationships have come from this.

My love & passion for Law Enforcement is stronger now more than ever and I will do all that is in my power to protect our Law Enforcement and to be their voice when they are not allowed to speak.

With that being said, my vision for years has been to create a Non-Profit to provide local support for our Law Enforcement. What better time than now?

The first project is our “Back the Blue” Billboard.

In the near future, as funds will allow, we will start to do more with local events and eventually reach out to events all over the State of Alabama.

A few things we would like to focus on in the beginning is developing an avenue for our Local Law Enforcement to come to, for Financial Support, Financial Counseling and for Scholarships to our area High School Graduates. When there is a need, we want to be there.

If a Law Enforcement Officer is suffering medically, financially or emotionally, we will strive to provide the help that LEO's need. If there is an E.O.W. that occurs, we will be there for the family as much as they need us to be. We will help coordinate escorts and food if need be and send memorial flowers for the funeral on behalf of ABB supporters.

We will help provide equipment of any kind to our local Law Enforcement Agencies; ranging from Supplies/equipment at their duty station to additional equipment for their uniform and vehicles. What ever their needs should be, we plan to assist in meeting those needs.

If you support our Brave women and men in blue, please consider a monthly donation. We need to build our funds so that when minutes count, we have the funds to cover the needs. When a disaster strikes, it's often too late to gather funds to provide for LE needs. If everyone gave $10 a month each, it would make a world of difference. We would eventually have enough to host community events, to give supporters like you a chance to get to know our local Heroes.

​Please Like - Follow - Share our public page. Events can be shared from here.

Please also join our private FB page that is owned & operated by us, the founders of the Nonprofit. We vet anyone requesting to join, to protect Our Organization, Our Mission and Our Members.

~ Founder- Jessica Ray Colley

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